Why is it that people look at the reality shows and think that all it takes if for you to walk into a booth and record a song and that’s it? well that’s how it was last weekend. I hand a client come through to record two songs. We had talked on the phone numerous of times and they kept stating that they had everything all that they need to do was record two songs. They didn’t need any tracks all they needed to do was record.Sounds simple right? well it wasn’t. I set them up an appointment to come into the studio and when they came I asked for the tracks/ instrumentals that they would be using. They looked at me and said; huh. What’s that…? I replied that a instrumental is a musical track that you would be recording on. So they said oh ok here it is on cd. I popped the cd in and it was blank. I was like the is blank did you grab the wrong one or something and they said no. They thought that I was going to be supplying the tracks. Looking stunned I was like no you said that you had everything and that all you need to do was record. Come to find out this young group didn’t have any tracks and they thought that tracks were songs that they have written. Not anything recorded. So I helped them out by providing them with two tracks to record on, but that still didn’t do any good. These two people couldn’t record for nothing. I had to keep telling them to be louder, pronounce your words clearer, and to put some emotion into there words. A two hour project of just recording turned into a 10 hour project. The only thing they kept stating was; I didn’t know it was like this in a recording studio, I thought that all you had to do was walk into the booth, rap your verse and that was it. They also said that they watch the show called the band. I told them that you don’t see everything that goes on behind the scenes. You don’t see how many times an artist really messing up in the booth. All you really see is what they want you to see. So after 10 hours or recording. You know the usual messing up, retakes, and etc. They wanted me to mix and master there material. I told that I wouldn’t because the simple fact of them stating that all they said in ahead of time was that they need to record and that was it. Besides it takes longer to master than to record. Looking like they wanted to say something I reminded them that they walked into the studio with just lyrics and no tracks, which I had to provide for them. That quickly shut them up. The overall project was ok. It could have been better if the two of them took time to practice their lines instead of just trying to read them off paper. It seemed like they just wrote the verses and tried to jump into the booth in other words. For me I learned a valuable lesson from this.

1) If they come un prepared, just cancel the session

2) Make sure they know how a studio is ran, from start to finish

3) Make sure they know that if they say we just have to record, all they do is record

4) Last but not least, keep a bottle of vodka in the studio at all times

3 thoughts on “Another Day in the Studio

  1. Unfortunantly they were family so I didn\’t charge them, but I bet you I wont see them again any time soon…

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