Lately we acquired a client that needed some recording/mixing/mastering done. Cool, no problem right, so then the client goes into a big story about the prices about how he is trying to get his label up and running and he doesn’t really have the money to pay the full price. shortly after he asks to listen to some material that has been mastered to check out our mastering capabilities and he likes what he hears. So I told him that I understand that he doesn’t have the funds to pay the full price (thinking back to when I first started off) and offered to drop the prices low just for him. Now I am talking about getting the recording done for $10.00 an hour and not $30.00 and hour also doing the mixing/mastering for $20.00 an hour and not $50.00 an hour. Talk about a steal right. So everything goes good with the recording sessions (2 weeks worth) and now when are down to the mixing and mastering. Now he has all ready paid for the recording d]sessions up front so that was no problem. When it gets to the mixing and mastering part everything went well also. Now everybody likes the overall sound when the project was done (the whole group and manager). Now the manager tells me that he will be through to the studio to pay for the mastering which has all ready been done and wants to know if his artist can get a copy of the master. Not the original project session material, but just a audio copy to listen to. So I was yeah its no problem because he told me that he was coming through to the studio that Sunday. So I gave his artist one copy of the master for them to listen to on sat and now when Sunday hits the manager never shows nor calls.

So now I am stuck with this question. Should I just say forget it and delete the original track sessions or should I keep it until he calls and see what he is going to say? But wait folks before you tell me your opinion let he add this in. Now when the manager came through to listen to the overall mastered material he said that it sounded good and that there was no problem with it. He even had another new artist with him who said that the same thing. They were going on about how clear the vocals are, how the music didn’t drown out the voices and etc. But when the manager leaves with the artist and gets out into the parking lot of the studio he talks trash about how the mastered material sounded. I guess he didn’t know that I had a camera on the studio parking lot which picks up video and audio. So you know I over heard the whole conversation, but I kept my peace. The artist was saying that he loved the mastered, but the manager didn’t. It was more to the point of like saying; "hey look he doesn’t know what he is doing this sounds like crap, I’m not paying for this".

So 2 weeks have passed and I am still sitting on there mastered material thinking to myself like huh. If he thinks that it really sounded like crap why didn’t he say so and why does all his artist like the finished product, but he doesn’t? Could be because the finished product was mastered right, but the doesn’t have the money to pay for it or what? So now I am considering on deleting there mastered material off of the studio consol. Even though they have a audio copy of it, they don’t have the actual master. So anybody that is reading this tell me what you think.



If some of this doesn’t make any sense let me know and I will explain further in detail. I just back home from a cook out and I am toasted!

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