The wait is Over
D.R.D. (the crack edition) is completed

The long wait for this block buster album has been completed. With many delays on the scheduled release date, Apex is now satisfied with this album. Scheduled release date is November 1st 2008. A bonus track has been added to the album from Germany DJ (DJ Mimun) along with other production from L Diamondz, DJ Crystal, Soul Blazers Ent., Rainbow Beatz, CJ Beatz, Apex him self and many more.

Apex wanted this album to be unique and unlike any other that he has released from previous years. So he says that the delay was not what he wanted, but it was needed to insure that people and fans around the globe would appreciate his talent and the work of producers from across the globe. Now being satisfied with the overall product he sets the release date for November 1st 2008. The album will only be purchasable from Apex Studio website. He plans on putting it on the new website UPRO (sponsored by Apex Studio). For more information on this album be sure to look out for the next News Letter with an deep interview with Apex.

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