As you remember in the December news letter we informed everybody that we were performing oscillator tests on the control room of the studio, well guess what?… The oscillator tests are complete and now we have upgraded the control room with acoustic treatment from Auralex (, making it even easier for us to have a flatter response room signal when it comes to mastering audio. Having a flat frequency response in the control room plays a major part in mastering when it comes to us here at Apex Studio. So we took the time out to perform vigorous tests through out the month of Jan. and came up with the conclusion that we needed to add some acoustic control. Not just for our benefit, but for the benefit to our clients assuring them that we can provide sonic quality recordings and mastering. While performing the oscillator tests we found some small problems in the control room, but nothing to serious. We decided to tackle this problem head on to fix this room node by first performing oscillator tests, contacting Auralex, and then getting the product which suited our studio’s control room from Guitar Center ( Special thanks goes out to Adam at Guitar Center (Charlotte, NC location) for assisting us.


Newly added software to the studio is the ARC Room Measurement. Even though it is just a plug-in for your DAW. This package also helps with the correction of finding the right room node and frequency response. If you want to know how this software could help you in your control room check out the following link:

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