Rude Boyz (Hard Life)

The first season of live sessions have been completed and will be available on DVD for free through the store front with the purchase of an artist album. Automatically when you purchase an artist album we will ship you the Live Sessions (Season 1) DVD for free. With studio appearances from Charlotte natives Yung Slide, Apex, Noetic, The Rude Boys, Chyna, Quez, FAM 1st, Sean Boyle and more. Also the Live Sessions DVD will include artist bios and never heard before music. The Live Sessions DVD will be set for release on August 21, 09, so be on the lookout for it.


Need help trying to figure out what’s the best way to record, add effects, or just need to know an answer to questions that you just can’t figure out. Then hit us with your questions; we will be posting up tutorials and other information for everyday home/project studios. For any questions that you may have or need help with audio the audio techs can be contacted at


Who’s new to Apex Studios roster of signed artist…The Future? Recently signed back in August of last year; it took The Future a while to prepare himself for what was to be bestowed upon him from Apex Studio. After nearly 9 mouths The Future has been in the studio working on his debut album titled “Love Fade Away”. With production from Apex da Opticsun and CJ Beatz, prepare for the unexpected, and the most unusual album. Apex left all the creative decisions up to The Future to test out his ear of sound to get a feel for what direction the album was going. All that is left to be said is from Apex is; “This album Love Fade Away, is sure to be very unique. From a production stand point of view, The Future knew how he wanted his album to sound; so I let him take it into his own hands”. Still putting the final touches on some of his songs a release date is set for August 10th, 09; listeners who would like to get a sneak peek of the album will have their chance on August 7th, 09. Exclusively on MySpace (, Apex Studio will be posting up his tracks before the release date to give soon to be fans a taste of “Love Fade Away.”


Hard at work Noetic can still be found selling his album throughout the city of Charlotte, NC. “Heart of the City” is the most anticipated and talked about album around the streets and on the internet. With 18 tracks produced by one of the best producers around the world; Koncept makes the album beat as if it was a heart pumping blood into the veins of the city. While Noetic breaths live into hip hop with punishing vocals. “Heart of the City” is sure to please every hip hop/rap enthusiast alike. Branded by Apex as the future of hip hop; Noetic holds true to this title and is patiently waiting to reek the benefits of his freshman project. If you can’t catch Noetic around Charlotte, his album can be found at located at the store front. To hear some of Noetic’s music it can be found on his MySpace music page located at: or on Apex Studio’s MySpace music page

— Apex Studio (Digital Productions) Direct Line (704)605-1496

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