For those of you who don’t know or just missed the memo. The production department of Apex Studio online sales of beats/instrumentals will be broken off into a sub division starting this Friday August 28th 09. Apex Studio still will handle all vocal recording, mixing, mastering and graphic design. As for audio production of instrumentals/beats; Tweak the Beat will be handling all production of tracks and online sales as well. This has been done to stimulate the economy and provide jobs to independent producers across the globe. Splitting a section of Apex Studio into a sub division will allow us to hire more people for the music industry. Apex Studio is still functioning as a production studio for recording purposes and visual graphics, but Tweak the Beat will be handling all track production. From instrumentals, custom tracks, pre-made tracks, beat leases, and exclusive rights. To view the Tweak the Beat website click here on this link as tracks are now being loaded up into the SNOCAP system.

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