Recently at Apex Studio a artist who will not be named was going to get a record deal from Apex Studio did not show up at all. Very mad about this event Dontavious feels as if his time had been wasted. From talking to the artist (MySpace, email), getting contracts ready, and basically setting everything into motion. The artist never showed up for the meeting nor called to cancel. Feeling as if he could have been doing other things with his time I caught up his Dontavious Dixon (Owner of Apex Studio) to get feed back on what he had to say.

Dontavious Dixon; “Question? To every business man/woman out there who has tried to help out another person in need, but gets stood up; how does that make you feel? For me it pisses me off because I was going to do a recording session today for an artist for free and even mix and master the session as well.” In the process of this me and the artist had been talking back and forth over the past couple of weeks about contracts and I was going to give them one. Seeing how they did not show up or call to even inform me of them being late or not coming through tot he studio proved one thing to me. That when opportunity knocks some people open the door to answer and others just look through the peep hole waiting to see if something else better will be coming along. Its fine by me because I can just give the contract to someone else who need or wants it more than them.

Reporter: If the artist contacted you again and was wanting to get up with you down the line would you give them a shot?

Dontavious: No; if you waste my time once then you want get a second chance.

Seemly upset for time wasted on preparation, messaging, and contracts Dontavious focuses on his current artist Noetic and The Future gearing them up for up coming projects.

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