Scheduling Made Easy:

Recently Apex Studio has added a schedule now button to their website and myspace page. Now new and future clients can book appointments online. The service is handled by Schedulicity; once an appointment has been booked. The client and Apex Studio receive email and or text message of the current reservation. This takes the hassle out of playing phone tag with a lot of clients since we do stay busy at Apex Studio says; Dontavious Dixon. As for right now Apex Studio is open 24/7 by appointment only. Except for Sundays; on Sundays we use that time to mentor/ teach audio production and promote the studio. From audio production to graphic we can handle your every need. Just use the schedule now button or callus if you would like to have any questions answered before booking.

Giving Back:

Giving back to the community that’s what Dontavious does; on Sundays you can catch him mentoring students like Andrew Kottenstette with his senior exit project on audio production. Getting an early start on his project Dontavious is breaking down the basics of audio from a science point of view and then going into detail with recording, mixing, and mastering. With the recording and mixing procedure out of the way Dontavious and Andrew now focus on the hardest task at hand to grasp… Mastering!

Studio Specials:

We are doing it again, but this time digital. Print out this flyer and bring it into the studio to receive specials on your next project of recording, mixing, and or mastering. (Note: you must present this coupon when at the studio to receive these specials)

Roster Addition:

At the beginning of next month Apex Studio will have a new artist to its label. As of the right now the contracts are being finalized and they will be signed by both parties October 30th, 2009. No one knows who this artist will be and Apex Studio have kept a lid on the artists identity, but Dontavious says that he will let every one know who this artist is by next month when production has actually started. Until then we will just have to stay tuned for more information.

Tweak the Beat and Charity:

Tweak the Beat has added a free track for download on their myspace page: check it out and let everyone know where you got it from and also we have added new tracks for purchase in the SNOCAP store.

Starting the beginning of November and until the end of time Tweak the Beat will be giving half of its profits to charity. This actually started last year with Apex Studio before Tweak the Beat became finalized. The tracks which were leased from Apex Studio, the profits had been given to the Children’s Levine Hospital. Dontavious wants to keep this going by now giving half of the profits from Tweak the Beat to the Children’s Levine Hospital at the end of every year. But this can not be accomplished alone says Dontavious; so spread the word. You are not just leasing tracks from Tweak the Beat you are also helping out a child in need as well.

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