Web Commercial:

If video does not load then click here: WEB COMMERCIAL

Recently Apex Studio has posted a web commercial on You Tube, Myspace, and Face Book letting everybody know what exactly they can get from Apex Studio and why we are the best in the business. From audio production and graphic design Dontavious Dixon lets new and future clients know that we are standing strong and willing to give clients professional material. When scheduling your next audio production or graphic design project mention the web commercial to receive an exclusive special.

Studio Upgrades:

We here at Apex Studio have made some small, but necessary upgrades to the studio. These upgrades include multiple terabit hard drives, new production desk, and lounging sofa. The terabit hard drives have been added for extra storage from audio projects and the production desk has been upgraded to add more functionalibility to the studio. The sofa was upgraded to a futon lounging sofa for late night recording and mastering sessions. Wanting to keep our clients files organized and safe we had to upgrade to the terabit hard drives seeing how now we are taking on more clients as the new year approaches while at the same time keeping our comfortable in the studio during long sessions.




Studio Business:

Recently Apex Studio has canceled all of its current contracts with all artist signed to the studio. The current economy didn’t play any part of Dontavious Dixon’s decession to cut all strings. Seeing how Apex Studio is a production studio; we have given out production deals to artist across the world. Many of the artist have been successful with these deals and have signed onto bigger labels or some have stayed on with Apex Studio. But currently all artist sales have been lacking for the last past 6 months. Monitoring sales from the beginning of the year until now Dontavious Dixon had made the decision to cancel all contracts if there production rate had not increased within 6 months. Sad that he must cancel contracts Dontavious Dixon had this to say in his meeting with other staff members of Apex Studio;”Apex Studio is a business not a charity, if we helped out every artist that we came across then we would go bankrupt”. Dontavious Dixon doesn’t mind helping out artist; seeing how when he started Apex Studio no one helped him to structure the studio into what it is today.

Apex Studio production deals consist of us paying for the recording, mixing, mastering, artist developement, photo shoot, graphic design, replication, duplication, and printing. All that we asked from this is half the profit from albums sales. Since artist have not been fulfilling their part of the contract Apex Studio will be implementing a GOOD FAITH CLAUSE into all of their production contracts to insure that we do not loose money from bad investments with artist in the future.

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