Studio Upgrades:
We have recently added the Samson D1500 RTA. This device is used to correct room nodes and can also be used to analyze audio levels from microphones or the overall output volume. We upgraded the studio with this item to conduct a pink noise test to correctly calibrate the mastering room of Apex Studio. A condensor measurement microphone was also included with this test, but we will not be finish conducting pink noise tests until the other piece for this device has been delivered. Which is the Samson D3500 Digital Equalizer. With both of these devices together we here at Apex Studio will be able to correct any room node problems and tweak our system for a flat response.

As of right now our room node settings are good for recording, mixing, and mastering and tests will not be complete until the end of Feb. Once things have slowed down.

Also we have upgraded our recording program SONAR to the latest edition; Sonar 8.5. We have been waiting on this release from Cakewalk and now we are ready to put it to use.

Data Masters:
If you have ever gotten anything recorded at Apex Studio please call us to make an appointment to pick up your master data disk before the end of Fab. 2010. We will he cleaning off our drives for the start of the new year.

Tweak the Beat:
New beats (Bang Out, Come Get It, Get Real, Hold On, Life is what you make It, The Drop, and The Storm) have been posted up on Tweak the Beat’s website and also on their mysace page; check them out now.

Back on the Music Page:
Check out previous tracks from Apex produced by DJ Mimun (Crystal Lite, The Storm, and Hate Me). These tracks were once removed from the playlist, but now they are back.

Setting the story Straight:
Since the cancellation of a couple of artist contracts we have been getting phone calls, emails, text messages, and etc from artist in the USA and internationally. A lot of artist have been contacting us to find out of they contract will be canceled. As stated the the last newletter; Dontavious Dixon (owner of Apex Studio) has been canceling artist contracts because artist have not either: 1. produced any income from album sales, 2. hasn’t had any contact with Apex Studio since the completion of their album, 3. they don’t want to turn over any finds and or 4. they have bought there contracts out. For the artist who have fallen between reasons 1 – 3 then your contracts have been canceled or are on there way to be canceled. These artist know who they are and no names will be stated. The reason why Dontavious Dixon has decided to cancel certain artist contracts is because of he would have let their contract due date hit then Apex Studio would be obligated to take legal action against artist. To avoid this Dontavious Dixon has canceled some of the studio contracts and have even told the artist to keep the products and full profit of what they sell from album profits.

To this day contracts can be gotten from Apex Studio, with the artist investing money into their own project. Ex: if a artist wants to record, mix, master 18 tracks and get graphic design along with duplication. The artist would have to invest a portion of the cost into their album. Which Dontavious is calling the good faith clause. This allows artist to get their project made and duplicated with out Apex Studio partaking any of the album sales. So therefore everyone wins.

Still Standing:
Back in the studio is Apex he will be working on another release from Apex Studio titled Still Standing. Now that Tweak the Beat is able to take care of itself and the studio has been rebuilt. Apex can focus on getting back to his rap career. Apex says that this album Still Standing is for promo material only. It will be distributed for free through out major cities. Look out for early previews of this album. There is no set release date yet so stay tuned for more information.

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