JUNE 2010 News Letter

Studio Upgrades:


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Figure’s 1 – 6: Shows Dontavious removing the rack screws and cover to the Behringer Tube Ultra Gain and then replacing the Tubes and Bulbs.

To insure that the audio quality that Apex Studio puts out stands up the rest of the professional studios here in Charlotte, NC; we have changed out the factory tubes of our Behringer Tube Ultra Gain and replaced them with Groove Tubes. The audio quality certainly has changed, but not for the worst; for the better. You can truly hear the difference in quality and we plain on purchasing more groove tubes of different calibers.


Samson D1500 Real Time Analyzer Samson D2500 Graphic Equalizer

With the Samson D1500 and the Samson D2500 we have been running pink noise tests through the studio and calibrating the mastering monitors for better tweaking. With 3 days of sound testing and different EQ set-ups we have achieved the right set-up which matches the quality coming from our studio to compact disk. So with that in hand; what ever you hear in our studio it will sound the same coming from any system you put your audio disc in.


MXL R144 Ribbon Microphone

Welcome the MXL R144 ribbon microphone to Apex Studio. We recently added this microphone to our arsenal of microphones to capture the realistic voice of the vocalist. Our condenser MXL 990 is used for clarity for silky highs, the MXL V63M is used for warming up the cold digital nights, and now we have added the MXL R144 for capturing the realistic sound of vocals.

Website Development:


The Inside Apex Studio page is now finished. The page displays detailed information on the equipment that we use along with pictures of the mentees which we have worked with. Get to know the inside of Apex Studio before you come into record.


We have given the studio’s website a new make over. Some pages have been deleted, but for the most part the website is much easier to navigate and is very detailed. The studio’s store front will now carry used studio equipment from us here at Apex Studio along side with other merchandise. The album’s from Apex Studio has been removed from the store front as well.

Live Sessions:


More live sessions are up from the Crazy Boys artist “Teazy”, Noetic, Gray Ice, and new comers ‘V’ and Kevin Jones. These live sessions from the studio can be viewed on YouTube at: www.youtube.com/studiolivesessions and on our MySpace page: www.myspace.com/apexstudiocom

Studio Specials:


Summer Flyer: The new summer specials at Apex Studio will ensure that every artist has a fighting chance to get their music done!

For the months of May, June, and July Apex Studio is lending a helping hand to all independent artist across the US. For these 3 months we will be discounting the price of studio time to $10.00 an hour. Our goal is to help new and existing clients to get there summer projects finished; while at the same time showing everyone that we put out sonic quality. Promotional flyers will be put out in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. We will also be doing internet advertising to reach other cities and states. Time slots for studio time will be filling up quick so call us now to book your time.

Studio Learning Shops:


Here at Apex Studio we are now introducing studio learning shops; where you can learn the basics of studio set-ups or go deeper with recording, mixing and mastering audio data. All sessions are a one on one basis so that you learn first hand and never get lost in the process. Shop prices are as follow:

Studio Basic Set-up: $75.00

4 Days of Studio Sessions

2 Hour Sessions

During this session you will learn different microphone placement techniques, acoustic sound treatment, software integration with Sonar 8, and a know how to equipment.

Recording/Mixing: $250.00

4 Days of Studio Sessions

4 Hour Sessions

This studio session will consist of different recording vocal techniques, mixing vocals, and mixing instruments with Sonar 8.

Mastering: $500.00

8 Days of Studio Sessions

4 Hour Sessions

In this session you will be learning different mastering techniques, learning dynamics processing, effect sends and inserts, and making a great master for radio and cd; with Sonar 8 and Waves.

Local Community:

“The Hip Hop Dance Competition”

Tameka Alexander Above took home 3 trophies from the Hip Hop Dance competition

I am Tameka Alexander a Dance Instructor; I have a hip hop group from Hickory Grove Recreation Center that dances with Young Champions of America. We recently participated in a dance competition on May 8, 2010 at East Mecklenburg High School. Other groups from recreation centers were there competing also. I have 3 groups. My first group is from age 4-7, my second group is from age 8-10, and my third group is from ages 11-18. All 3 of my groups received 1st place. They were amazing; and I was proud of them. It took a lot of hard work and patience to get them prepared. We worked hard for 8 weeks, and the classes are only 45 minutes long.  But it’s the best 45 minutes; the kids leave class sweating.

On May 15, 2010 we traveled to Greensboro, NC to compete again against 8 groups. My kids accomplished two 1st place and a 2nd place. They were amazing yet again. As the instructor I left with three big trophies of my own. My kids were happy and I was happy too. They have two trophies each and two ribbons each to showcase at their home.

If you are looking for a hip hop dance class to put your child in I have the classes for you. It’s at Hickory Grove Recreation Center, 6709 Pence Rd, Charlotte, NC, 28215.

Age 4-7 6:00-6:45

Age 8-10 6:45-7:30

Age 11-18 7:30-8:15

“Star of the South”

There is an upcoming show titled “Star of the South”. It is for R&B, Hip Hop, and Rap groups. The show will be held on July 24th, 2010


ANNUAL OF DA SOUTH SHOW; On July 24, 2010. If you, yeah you, can move a crowd, we want to see you!

For more information:

Email: INFO@makingmovesent.com

Call: 704-441-6098

Visit: www.makingmovesent.com



© 2010 Making Moves Entertainment

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