Studio Upgrades

Equipment and Software Upgrades

As of recently we hard added a lot of additional hardware gear to Apex Studio. From equalizers, parametric eq., enhancers and etc. We strive to give our customers/ clients the best audio experience at affordable prices. With the new additional gear we can offer new or old clients traditional hardware mastering or software mastering. Below is a complete list of the gear which we use.

Equipment List:

Behringer Eurorack MX 1604A

Nady RMX

Tascam PB-32P

Behringer Ultra Patch Pro 2000

Harmon Kardon CDR 20

Yamaha Duel Tape Deck

Behringer Graph Pro

Nady MSE-100A

Nady GEQ 131

(2) Virtualizer Pro

Behringer Power Play Pro XL

Behringer Denoiser 2000

Behringer Multigate SNR 1000

Behringer Mini Mon

Behringer Tube Ultra Gain T1953

Behringer Composer Pro XL

BBE Sonic Maximizer 362

Samson D-1500

Samson D-2500

Samson Resolv Sub 88

Behringer Feedback Destroyer Pro

(2) Behringer A500 Reference Amps

(2) Behringer 3020P Monitors

Panasonic SX-KC600

Korg K25

Alpha Track

M-Audio Trigger Finger



(2) Sterling Audio ST51

MXL R144


Software List:

Sonar Producer Edition 8

Reason 5

Fruity Loops Studio 9

Recycle 2.0

Adobe Photoshop CS3

Abobe Lightroom

Waves Mercury Plug-In Bundle


Studio Live Sessions

Watch Artist Live from Apex Studio
Santario live at Apex Studio
Doing a design for Minister Dorothy Myles
Making a drum track with a Click Count
Mo and Robb live at Apex Studio
Savage Quan live at Apex Studio

It’s a new season and the live sessions are beginning again. This time around we have the audio and video in HD format along with a pre live session insight to all artist in the recording industry. Be sure to check out all the live sessions and leave feed back on the sessions.

Winter Promotions

Getting Ready for a New Year

Its that time of the year again; expect new music from Apex Studio to hit the streets of Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. This will be a winter promotion that will start December until the end of February. Look for new music and classic hits from Apex Studio and their artist. 

Recent Visitor’s to Apex Studio

Artist, Dance Instructors, Producers, and etc.


Taneyah Partee (Professional Cheer Instructor)                         Tameka Alexander (Professional Dance Instructor)

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