Website Changes:

The Apex Studio website has been given a new look and feel. The store front along with alot of other pages have been removed; but the store front will be added back in later for future use. The new look of the website loads faster and is mobile freindly. So check it out on your BlackBerry, Android, Iphone, and etc at or

Seeing more of the New:

New Studio Logo
Apex Studio

Along with a new website design we have also changed up the logo for the studio. We will still be using the original one for all letter heads, but the new studio will be mostly used for promotionial use. We have a lot of up coming projects for the spring and summer months and all of the new projects will be tagged with the new logo.

Old Sessions/projects DELETED!:

As you know it is that time again and we are cleaning off our hard drives. So if you have had a project worked on by us and need a data hard copy then contact us asap before the end of Jan 2011. As of Feb 2011 we will be deleting all old projects. Now if you currently have a project at our studio which is being worked on then we will hold on to the project until the end of the year. All projects that are completed which have been paid for; but you wish to have a hard data copy please contact us so that we can get you one before we clean all old sessions off of our drives.

Curent Sessions:

The current live sessions we have on display are of Young Lambo and V and Juan. Be sure to check them out and leave comments about the session. And if there is anything that you think we could do better to the live sessions let us know… from different camera views and etc.

Internet Distribution:

If you are getting tired of trying to figure out how to get your music in the intunes store and other major retailers online then look no further. Right now we are charging $100 to get your music into the itunes, rapsody, amazon and other major online music retailers. We set up your account so that you can make changes and add music later on down the line; we get rid of the stress so you can focus on whats inportant… making music.

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