Apex Studio

In the Studio with Apex:
Interviews, Live Sessions, Music and more!

Apex Studios “Live Sessions” have been converted over to “In the Studio with Apex”. In the Studio with Apex is a short segment of interviews, live sessions, and music which is provided by the artist. The interviews give you a more in dept look at who the artist is and how far they have came along; including any news or information about up coming projects and performances.

As of now we have 5 episodes available for viewing from artist/producer Darious (Producer “D”), artist T.M.H., artist Mr. Mel, hip hop dance instructor Tameka Alexander and professional cheer instructor Taneyah Partee. Currently we also have a behind the scenes look at artist “V” from Nu Galaxy Entertainment working on his song titled “Super Woman” at Apex Studio; be sure to check out all the new sessions that we have up and comment on them as well.


All of the “In the Studio with Apex” episodes can be found at http://www.youtube.com/studiolivesessions

Designing and Duplication:
Albums and Promos!

Make your next project stand out and look professional with a design by us with lightscribe duplication. Need your album cover or promos designed before summer officially starts? Then contact us to design you a professional print for your project. We are currently charging $30.00 to $100.00 for album cover designs. With our lightscribe duplication rates at $1.16 per disc including super slim case; we can have your project professionally printed/ duplicated/ lightscribed within 2 weeks.

Designing, duplication, and lightscribing of your project is done in house at Apex Studio; but printing is handled by an outside company which handles all of our printing needs. Feel free to call us for a quote for your next project.

Studio Specials:
Get ready for savings!

It’s getting close to that time again when we discount our recording prices down to $10.00 an hour. This special lasts for the months of May, June and July. Take advantage of this special and start reserving your time now; because just like last year if you missed it, then you missed it.

New Releases:
As of 2011

“April Rayne”
Scheduled Release: April 2011
-The Neo Soul Movement
-Artist: April Rayne
-Genre: Neo Soul

“Purple Knight”
Scheduled Release: April 2011
-Artist: Jay Trill
-Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap

“Social Help”
Scheduled Release: December 2011
-Word Productions
-Artist: Apex
-Genre: Hip Hop

“Unheard Of”
Scheduled Release: Unknown 2011
-Nu Galaxy Entertainment
-Artist: V
-Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap

“I’m Not Just Rapping”
Scheduled Release: Unknown 2011
-It’s What Ever Entertainment
-Artist: Jersey
-Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap

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