Studio Tees

As of recent Apex Studio has been releasing its t-shirts on its online products page. Currently we have the Varsity tee which is available in forrest green, lava red, sky blue and dark blue. The Varsity tee has big/ thick varsity lettering across the chest; with thick stitching. We also have just released the Slim Line Varsity tee as well which can be found in forrest green, lava red, sky blue and dark blue too. The Slim Line Varsity tee has flat thinner lettering than the original varsity tee.

The difference between the Original Varsity tee and Slim Line is that the lettering is different. The original varsity lettering is thick/ stitch and the slim line varsity has thinner flat varsity lettering. Both the varsity tee and slim line are available from small, medium, large and extra large sizes. Soon to come are the female tees which can’t be reveled until later this summer.

What’s in the Works

The news is out, the owner of Apex Studio; Dontavious Dixon is looking to start a label with some music partners around the Charlotte, NC area. So far Dontavious is taking it slow making sure every business matter is taking care of and establishing the right connections towards building a label which will ultimately put Charlotte, NC on the map as a music hub. Dontavious says that; “Charlotte has talent which has not yet been discovered and its sad that we don’t support our local artist.” Which this in mind Dontavious pushes further to put things in motion.

Promo Album from Apex

“Lust”; one of the new albums coming from Apex will be hitting the streets the middle of June. “Lust” will consist of exactly what the name says… lust. Apex is also expected to release more albums from his archive (Pandora’s Box). All the albums coming from Apex’s archive (Pandora’s Box) will be titled after each sin; lust, greed, sloth, wrath, pride, envy and gluttony.

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