A Jazzy Feel
James Bishop

A new solo artist by the name of James Bishop walks into Apex Studio and lays down some smooth trumpet tracks. James a trumpet player who also plays other instruments has released his solo debut album “One More Chance ” on this June 5th 2011. His song “One More Chance ” was all ready produced by him, but he brought it into Apex Studio to get it mastered. With everything being tweaked up right it was sent off for duplicator and replication while the design was being done. Now with everything back and complete; James now has he’s eyes on the prize which is in stored for him. To find out about how you can get your hands on this album contact James Bishop at

Sinfully Good?

Lust is finally on its way. If it being near completion all that is left is photo shoots and graphic design. Apex will be releasing the album on sound cloud as well as giving it away for free amongst the streets of Charlotte, NC. So keep your eyes and ears open for the official release date on this album.

Live Sessions
Apex as the Guest

Apex is now in the guest chair of “In the Studio with Apex”. Catch Apex as he is interviewed by stand in host Vita Dixon. She asks Apex the questions that he has never been asked before and ttys to put him on the spot. For more information about this interview it can be found at

Building Creations
A Apex’s Touch

Apex never stops when it comes to building greatness. So far he has completed re building the recording booths; equipped with wall through fan’s so that they remain cool. As to adding sound absorbing foam in the needed areas of the control room. Now his last task will be too add a drop down sound absorbing ceiling. With this in mind he attends to add the very best in sound absorbing foam and raw material to make this all possible.

Working with Auralex Acoustics on this matter Apex sees nothing but the best coming from his studio and mastering new possibilities for future clients. The production in making the drop down ceiling will not halt any client from recording; says Dontavious Dixon. Everything will be built in pieces and then brought in and put together making it a quick operation.

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