In My Hood

The first official video shoot for one of Money Man’s song was shot on Nov. 6th. The location was set for Blendwood, Charlotte NC. The video shoot was out of sight with many of Money Man’s supporters there to back him up. Be on the look out for this video which was shot by Apex himself the jack of all trades. Check out the video here:

Hanging up the Plaques

The first ever plaques to be hung up in Apex Records are Vee Boi Baby’s “Unheard Of” album and Money Man’s “Against All Odds”. Apex Records is gearing for a bright future with more upcoming projects.

A Party is in Order

The chief engineer Apex (Dontavious Dixon) has finally got his masters in audio engineering. He has been in school since 2009 and will be graduating this December 2011. He admits that it was hard studying, practicing new techniques which he had learned, and working; but overall it was worth it.

New Video

Apex Productions shot a new video for Vee Boi Baby which is titled “Tell Em”video featuring B U D. The video was shot inside the studio of Apex Studio then transitional effects along with black outs were done to enhance the video even more. The video can be found at

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