Money Man & Guests
January 8th 2012

The Evening Muse
3227 N Davidson Street
Charlotte, NC 28205

Money Man will be performing at the Evening Muse. The show starts at 6:15 pm and all ages are available but ID will be required for the bar. To purchase tickets online the link is: Afton Shows

Money Man’s Against All Odds

Money Man’s album “Against All Odds” can be found in the Itunes online store, Raphsody, Nokia, Amazon Music, Amazon on Demand, Spotify and etc. If you haven’t purchased a copy all ready hurry while supplies last we have a limited amount of hard copies left; which can be found on the Apex Records online store or at Apex Studios.

Auto Delete:
The hard drives of Apex Studio have been cleaned off. The only material which we have are studio tracks from our producers, music from our signed artist, and any material which clients have made arrangements to pick up. Everything else has been deleted.

Free studio time:
We will still be giving away free studio time. Right now at the moment we are in the process of implementing a new system to accomendate this. Apex himself used to handle the free studio time give away, but now he will be focusing on the new talent which he is signing to Apex Records and giving the free studio time to another employee to handle. So as everything is worked out we will be back to giving away free studio time.

Another Sin Released?:
Apex Records will be releasing another sin. The first sin released by Apex Studio/ Apex Records was “Lust”. Now with spring right around the corner Apex Records is gearing up to release another sin on the world. Which sin will it be… no one knows; so be prepared for Pandoras Box to be kpened again.

Signing new artist:
As everyone knows by now Apex Records is looking to sign a hip hop group and a solo artist this Jan. We have been keeping the datils about this signing hush hush until everything has been finalized. But we can for sure say that we are going to be signing new artist for the month of Jan. Be sure to stay intuned for more updates as everything will take place this Jan 2012.

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