“Late Night Sessions”
Lately Apex has been back to work on putting together his last album titled “Social Help Project”. This album has been in production for 2 years and has had some set backs from starting the new label Apex Records. But now since everything has settled Apex has started putting in work on his album and it is set to be released Jan. 2013.

Production on this album will be solely from Apex Records and Apex Studios; Apex is focused on keeping everything in house to show what the new label can do and the quality of the studios work. So be on the look out for more information as it is sure to come.

“Afton Shows”
If you missed Money Man performing at the Evening Muse then you don’t want to miss this one. Money Man will be back at the Evening Muse to rock the stage again.

The show is set for:
March 4th at 6:30 pm
3227 Evening Muse
Charlotte, NC

Tickets can be purchased online through Afton Shows and as a bonus for purchasing your tickets online use PROMO CODE: MONEY841 to receive $3.00 off the purchase. So come out and rock with Apex Records artist Money Man.

Against All Odds
Money Mans album “Against All Odds” can be found in Itunes, Amazon Music, Amazon on Demand, Rhapsody, Nokia Music, Apex Records online store and etc. If you don’t have it all ready purchase it now while copies last.

Back in the Studio
In Apex Studio working on his next mixtape project is T M H. His last project received much success and now he has been back at Apex Studios putting in work.

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