Website Enhancements:
Social Updates

We have added Tweeter tweet buttons and Facebook share buttons to the website. Before they were only on the home page, but now they have been added to every page throughout the website.

The artist pages have all been updated with tweet and facebook buttons as well, but theirs are more geared towards themselves. Once on the artist page you can then browse their bio, view pictures of them and even connect with them on social sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Up Next:
The Riddle Begins Now

Just signed to Apex Records roster is Mr Mel the Riddler. He will be putting in work for his album which is yet to be titled. Production on this album will come from Apex, Johnny Storm, and possibly some other producers. It is yet unknown if their will be any features on his album so be on the look out for more information. His bio page can be found at Apex Records

More Music Coming
Releasing Classics

Soon to be released to the public on the digital market will be 3 of Apex’s albums titled “DNU Dark Sun Rising”, “Mark of the Centipede”, and “for Pleasure or Pain”. These albums are considered classics from Apex Studios archieve and will be released on the digital markets like ItunesItunes, Amazon on Demand, Amazon MP3, ZuneZune, SpotifySpotify, and others.

Not all three albums will be released at once they will be released on a monthly basics one after the other. So be on the look out for Apex Studio classics to resurface and hit the digital airwaves all over the world.

Lights, Camera, Money
Evening Muse

Money Man will be performing at the Evening Muse and making the crowd go crazy. So if you missed the last time he was at the Evening Muse then you don’t want to miss this one. Advance tickets can be purchased at Apex Studio, 1142 Plaza Walk Dr, Charlotte, NC or online at Money Man and we will be giving away “Lust”and promos at the event as well. So come out and party with Money Man and the other artist at the Evening Muse.

Evening Muse
3227 Davidson Road
Charlotte, NC

Doors open at 6:00 pm
Advance tickets are: $11
Door entry w/out ticket: $13

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