The Rise of Phoenix
11 Pain EP

March 2012 will be the release of the “11 Pain EP” from Apex StudioApex Studio. “11 Pain” is the solo debut album from Apex StudioApex Studio recording artist Phoenix. This EP will be heavily distributed throughout the streets of Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.

Evening Muse
Riddle Me This

April the 1st Mr Mel the Riddler will be on stage performing at the Evening Muse located in Charlotte, NC . This will be Mr Mel’s second appearance at the Evening Muse. So if you missed the first time you can catch him this time around.

Mr Mel will be performing tracks from his promo mix tape “Arkham City”. If you haven’t purchased tickets yet please do so by visiting Apex Studio or online at Afton Shows.

Blow the Dust off that!
Open Archives

Apex RecordsApex Records will be digitally releasing albums DNU Dark Sun Rising, Mark of the Centipede, for Pleasure or Pain, and C.R.A.C.K.. these are album previously produced, written, and etc by Apex himself and distributed on the streets of Charlotte, NC and many other cities and states.

Since now we are in the digital world and getting music streamed has been made easier than ever. Apex Records decided to re release these albums to the people who may have never heard them. The first album to be released is for Pleasure or Pain, but that may change; please stay tunned for more updates.


Mr Mel the Riddler of Apex Records rocked the Evening Muse and gave the crowd what they needed… A SHOW! Mr Mel performed tracks from his mixtape promo “Arkham City”. Apex himself was surprised at how Mr Mel performed on stage because it was his first performance. To see more of his performance it can be found at Apex Records Shows

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