“Apex Mobile App”

Version 1.0

Apex Studio has just released its mobile app version 1.0. This app will allow you to receive news updates, new music, artist twits, facebook status’s, behind the scenes footage and more. While on the go you will be able to keep up with Money Man, Mr Mel the Riddler, and Apex himself. The mobile app can be downloaded in Google Play store located at: https://play.google.com/store/search? q=apex+studio&c=apps

“Money Man and The Riddler”

Attack the Muse Again

Money Man and Mr Mel the Riddler will be performing at the Evening Muse on May 22 nd, 2012 . If you have missed them performing before in the past then you would not want to miss this one. Come out and enjoy the night with both artists signed to Apex Records and party like there is no tomorrow.

Location: The Evening Muse

3227 Davidson Street, Charlotte NC

Start Time: 6:00 PM

End Time: 1:00 AM

Door Prices: $13.00

Physical Tickets: $11.00

Online Tickets: $10.00

“In the Studio with Apex”

Back Again with the Next Season

In the studio with Apex new season kicks off with an animated artist by the name of Se’von. This energy packed interview will keep you on your toes as Apex asks the serious questions and Se’von does what he does best… entertain the camera.

“Still In Production”

Apex Studio presents: M-Town

Sorry for the wait of “Apex Studio presents: M-Town”; it is still currently under production. Some tracks have been added to this project and some have been taken away from it. This project started off as a full album, but it may end up being an EP and digitally released so that it can reach every corner of the globe.

On this album you will hear songs by Apex Records artist Mr Mel the Riddler, Apex, M-Town Entertainment Artist/Producer Produca Dee, and independent artist Freddy Gee. So far songs titled for this album are Zombie Weed, Lay it Down, The Game, and more. Stay tuned as more up dates are becoming available.

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