Don’t Waste Your Time In The Studio

1. Always be on time; if you were waiting on someone and they were running late how  do you think your engineer feels. Show the engineer some respect and call the studio to let the engineer or staff know that you are running late.

2. Have all material ready. Once you hit the door your session begins. Don’t waste time shopping around for beats when you can be recording.

New Releases in the Digital Market

99 cent

Looking for instrumentals? Then check out .99 Cent Beats Vol. 1 from the producers of Apex Studio. They released a instrumental CD with un tagged beats and yes they are for sale for .99 cent. They are planning on releasing more instrumentals, but want to see how the first one fairs first with the media. .99 Cent Beats Vol. 1 can be found at:


Amazon MP3:

Google Play:



m town

The new comer to Apex Records is Mr Mel the Riddler. While workin gon his debut album titled “Riddle Me This”; Apex Records did a rush release on Apex Studio presents: M-Town; which features Apex, Mr Mel the Riddler, Produca Dee and Freedy Gee. M-Town consists of 3 songs which was originally released on M-Town’s mixtape. By these being the only originally tracks on the mixtape Apex decided to release “Lat It Down”, Zombie Weed”, and “The Game” to digital markets to prepare people for the coming of Mr Mel the Riddler’s album. Apex Studio presents M-Town is available at:


Amazon MP3:

Google Play:


Current Interviews

Mr Mel the Riddler

Recently Mr Mel the Riddler was on the “In the Studio with Apex” show talking about current updates with his album, promo work that he has been putting out and more. Check out the interview for more details.

Vee Boi baby

Want to know what Vee Boi Baby has been up too then listen and learn. Vee Boi Baby (recording artist of Nu Galaxy Music) talks about his up coming album, shows, video releases and more.

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