Money Mixtapes EP 7

It goes like this… Apex sets it and keeps it moving. The hardest working man in the independent music industry is said to be Apex. when he puts in work he really puts it in none stop. Lately Apex has been drumming up promo and advertising for the releasing of Mr Mel the Riddler album “Riddle Me This”. Not trying to over work Mr Mel the Riddler Apex gave him the month of August off for shows, but set him up a interview with DJ Bankrupt with Music Money Mixtapes in Canada.

Mr Mel the Riddler was interviewed by DJ Bankrupt on Music Money Mixtapes Online Radio. DJ Bankrupt played songs “Do It Again” feat. Apex and ”Apextacy (remix)” feat. Mr Mel the Riddler. There was a delay problem at first with the audio through Skype, but we soon figured out the problem and got it fixed. Upon playing the tracks the Riddler was in the background going crazy and jumping off the walls at Apex Studio.

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