New Releases:

Riddle Me This
Riddle Me This by Mr Mel the Riddler is finally out. It was released May 1st 2013 and features Apex (recording artist from Apex Records) and Jarad. The album has production from Apex, Johnny Storm, Debo and the Beats, Produca Dee and Daron Woods. Riddle Me This contains 14 songs with neither but bangers on it. From songs like Cruise Control, No Sticks No Seeds, Riddle Me This and more you are sure to love this album. It can be found in Amazon, ITunes, Facebook, Myspace Music and Rhapsody.

In the Studio with Apex (Theme Song

The In the studio with Apex show now has a theme song which will be added to the new interviews which are on the way to come. The shows new intro was written by Yonda Fletcher and produced/recorded by Apex. The theme song add a new depth to the In the Studio with Apex show.

Up Next:

“Surfboard Status Mix tape”
New artist signed to Apex Records is Chyna Hollywood; as of lately he has been putting in work on his mix tape with a set release date of June 10th. The mix tape has features from Apex (recording artist of Apex Records), Mr mel the Riddler (recording artist of Apex Records), Donnie Quest (Psycho Astronauts), Daa Kant, Morgan, Joey Bullis, Michael Haywood, King Royalty and more. Right now it is unsure on the amount of songs which will be on the album but it is safe to say that it will be one mix tape in which you will hear a mixture of flows; but the outcome will be the same.

“Untitled Mix tape”
Apex is just about off vacation and yes he has been putting in work on a mix tape. It is rumored that some production has came from Deobo and the Beats and Deron Woods, but that information has not been fully confirmed. What we do know is that this mix tape is going to be hot and will feature vee Boo Baby (recording artist from Nu Galaxy Ent.), Kelly Bridges, Morgan Wright, Mr Mel the Riddler, Hollywood, and more. The mix tape is still untitled but with the release date just about a month down the line Apex might want to start thinking about a name before the due date hits.

Studio News:

As you may know it is that time again of the year for $10 an hour recording sessions at Apex Studio. We do it every year from May 1st – July 31st. So if you or anybody needs studio time with a top knotch recording company which has been in the business for 10+ years then you need to contact Apex Studio. Be able to get your audio projects finished in time for the summer releases and save money in the process. You can book recording sessions at Apex Studio by contacting them by phone (704_605_1496) and email (

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