Release the Ads

Today was the official release of the mini ads for Apex Studio. These ads will boost the awareness of Apex Studio and also show of our new clients and old clients in the commercial ads as well. It is a know fact that Apex Studio has been in business for over a century in the Charlotte metro area, but what is not known is that Apex Studio is a independent studio which also operates as a record label as well. So when they hear good music they are quick to jump on it.

The mini ads for Apex Studio will act as a campaign to let customers and future customers know that our quality changes for the better as years go by but their price never changes. to view the newly released mini ad which just starts the Are You Ready Series check out the following link below.

Apex Studio “Are You Ready Commercial”


Going Mobile

Everything is looking good for the Apex Mobile Studio. So far everything has been equipped for what is required for the mobile studio. Right now tests are being conducted to ensure that the equipment being used holds true to the Apex Quality of recording; within weeks we should see Apex Mobile Studio hitting the streets.

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