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New Music Now available:

Apex Beats



Looking for instrumentals for your next project; why not check out Apex Beats. Currently we have out 4 different volumes of instrumentals which can be found on every digital market from Amazon MP3, Itunes, Rhapsody, Spotify and etc. Just search for Apex Beats in your media market or you can go straight to our online website Apex Beats. We have many genres of beats online for viewing and buying; and yes they all are untagged.


Mr Mel the Riddler


It is getting close to the release of “Rated R” from Mr Mel the Riddler so he has released 2 singles from his up coming album. Right now a set release date has not been set, but with the new music he has released; it is heating up the release date with the ladies. The first song which was released in April 2015 by Mr Mel the Riddler is titled “Take It” and the next one which released July 2015 is titled  “She Got It”. Both songs as you guest are about his past relationship ups and downs. These two songs give you a glimpse of what his life was like after the release of “Riddle Me This”. Check the songs out for your self if you want to know why ladies are waiting on this album to drop.


What’s Next for Apex Records:

Up Coming Releases –

“Rated R “(No Set release date)

Rated R is the second album from Mr Mel the Riddler. As of right now no set release date is know. This album will feature production from Weather Man Beatz, Debo and the Beats, and other producers have yet to be named.

“Greed” (Oct 2015)

Apex’s next release of the sin series of albums. This album was set to release last yet October, but with other record label mates releasing their albums around the same date. Apex decided to push the release date back to Oct 2015. This album will consist of production from Apex and many other producers. Features will come from Mr Mel the Riddler, Money Man, and the rest of the features are unknown as of right now.

“Social Help DP” (Feb 2016)

A digital production of Apex life summed into a album unlike any other that he has made. This album is said to have a life like feel which will be one for the books. As of right now there has been no current released information on who will be featured on the album or production from other producers.


Studio Specials:

From the months of May – August we will the running the recording/mixing special for all recording artist. $30 an hour to record and mix your music. Slots have been going fast but we still have slots available here at Apex Studio so call today to book your time at 704-605-1496.


Who has been in the studio lately:

Apex Studio pictures of recording sessions with various artist:


From left to right: Butta, DB, Reggie Kush, Mucho, Edward, Infa Red, Tamara Bubble, Tyren Mclinton, Roc Deneiro and Alexis. Many more artist have been in the studio lately, but these are some o the pictures which we decided to post up.

More Big Things Coming

Release the Ads

Today was the official release of the mini ads for Apex Studio. These ads will boost the awareness of Apex Studio and also show of our new clients and old clients in the commercial ads as well. It is a know fact that Apex Studio has been in business for over a century in the Charlotte metro area, but what is not known is that Apex Studio is a independent studio which also operates as a record label as well. So when they hear good music they are quick to jump on it.

The mini ads for Apex Studio will act as a campaign to let customers and future customers know that our quality changes for the better as years go by but their price never changes. to view the newly released mini ad which just starts the Are You Ready Series check out the following link below.

Apex Studio “Are You Ready Commercial”


Going Mobile

Everything is looking good for the Apex Mobile Studio. So far everything has been equipped for what is required for the mobile studio. Right now tests are being conducted to ensure that the equipment being used holds true to the Apex Quality of recording; within weeks we should see Apex Mobile Studio hitting the streets.

It’s Finally HERE!

“I’m Just A Machine” – The World Isn’t Ready…

Machine 2

Apex has just released his mix tape “I’m Just A Machine” to all digital markets. It may not show up in some markets right away, but as of right now it can be found in Myspace Music, Cd Baby, Google Play and Amazon MP3. The reviews for the mix tape has been going off the chart. It is the long awaited mix tape which everyone has been wanting to hear for the longest. Remember it was supposed to be released 2 years ago but around that time Money Man was signed to Apex Records and Apex put all his focus into him; but now Apex is back focused into his music. The mix tape features 15 tracks with guest appearances from King Royalty, Morgan Wright, Tameka Alexander, Mr Mel the Riddler and Peter Parkar. Production comes from Johnny Storm and Apex of Apex Records and Debo and the Beats.

Cd Baby: I’m Just A Machine

Myspace Music: I’m Just A Mahine

AmazonMP3: I’m Just A Machine

Google Play: I’m Just A Machine

“5 Mins.” – New Single Alert


The raves from the Apex’s new mix tape “I’m Just A Machine” has been that the ladies are in love with the song titled “5 Mins”. Apex Records has gotten so much feed back from the general public that they had to release the song as a single. Originally Apex wasn’t going to release any singles to his mix tape; but with all the current news coming in from this song he had too. “5 Mins” is a smooth mix of RnB and Hip Hop clean music which will bring a new sounding feel to the inner ear and soul. Trust us when we say that you will like it. Right now “5 Mins” can be found at Cd Baby for listening or purchase.

Cd baby: 5 mins

The Next Cover Has Been Revealed

“I’m Just A Machine”

The next could be cover to Apex’s “I’m Just A Machine” has been revealed and this one shows more details into the metrics of what Apex is going for on the album. The album is so far the most widely talked about album from Apex Records. It will have features from King Royalty, Mr Mel the Riddler, Morgan Wright, Peter Parkar and many more. Stay tuned as it gets closer to the release date for “I’m Just A Machine”

Machine 2

“Coast2Coast Live Event”

Cruise Control Showcase
1. Be sure to tune into the event LIVE at 9:00 PM EST on the event page at Coast 2 Coast LIVE Online Edition | 8/20/13 Live Feed Link
2. Mr Mel the Riddler Cruise Control Video Will be Showcased in full (Up to 5 Minutes) for Judge Panel
3. The Judges will be scoring on 4 Categories rating 1-10 on each. Categories: Originality, Quality, Marketability and Overall Potential. You will be emailed your scores after the show.

The Link for the online live event is: http://coast2coastlive.com/events/livefeed.aspx?eventid=283

“Hitting the Evening Muse Up Again”

It’s about time to hit up the Evening Muse once again for the Apex Records artist. The show will be at the Evening Muse located at 3227 N Davidson Street, Charlotte, NC 28205. Their will be a guest performance from TMH. He will be opening up for Apex and the Mr Mel the Riddler. Is was said that Apex will be performing new songs from his “I’m Just A Machine” mix tape and Mr Mel the Riddler will be performing songs from his “Riddle Me This” album.

It goes down Sept 8th at The Evening Muse as the Apex Studio and Apex Records artist take to the stage. The will be a event in which artist which have recorded at Apex Studio will have the chance to showcase their talent along side Apex Records recording artists Apex and Mr Mel the Riddler. Be on the look out for some new music to be performed at this show from Apex and Mr Mel the Riddler.

Sept 8th at Evening Muse
Show Start Time: 6:30 PM
Physical Tickets: $11.00
Online Tickets: $11.00 www.aftonshows.com/apexrecord
Door Price w/ Ticket: $13.00

3227 N Davidson St.
Charlotte, NC 28205

Currently Going Strong


Another edition of the sin series of albums are coming from Apex. it is due to be released soon and the next sin album will be titled “Greed”. This album will be the third edition of the sin albums which Apex has been releasing under Apex Records. So far he has released a sin album every year starting from 2011. The next one will be released in October 2013. So be prepared to hear some new music. If you have not checked out the Lust or Wrath album it can be viewed here:


Riddle Me This” album by Mr Mel the Riddler

Riddle Me This Album

LUST” album by Apex

LUST Album

WRATH” album by Apex




If you missed the last show because you had to work, take care of the kids or just couldn’t get out the house well do not worry we have the video footage for you. The last show “Heat It Up” was performed at The Evening Muse located in the Noda District of Charlotte, NC. This show is one that you really did not want to miss… why? Because Apex is off vacation and him and the Mr Mel the Riddler killed the show with new songs and more. Check out the video footage for your self.

Apex and the Riddler heat up the Evening Muse, Charlotte, NC


To stay up to date with shows, new music and more from the artist of Apex Records download our new Apex Now App and join out mailing list right from the app to receive new music before it hits the streets, radio stations, and stores. Be the first to say that you heard it first from the Apex Now App.

Apex Now App


As of lately Apex Records have been moving their artists albums and singles from one distribution company to the next. This process will be over by the end of the year, but all music will still be currently available from all major digital retailers and more have been added to the list as well where their can be found. So just be patient… if the music is not currently in your music retailers online store it soon will be.

Studio News


In the Studio with Apex show has been a hit recently with new guest and old faces making there way back to the show. We have a slew of new interviews coming and new ones up as well. From Money Man, TMH, Chyna Macra and more…

Chyna Macra signed to Apex Records
Money Man talks about his mixtape project
TMH giving insight on the show



Apex Records has just released a new album which follows up to the LUST album. The album which has been released is titled WRATH is now out in the Itunes stores and soon to be everywhere digitally. WRATH is the next album in the sin series of Apex Records releases under Apex Records and it brings everything in which the name says; WRATH. Be prepared to hear tracks like A.P.E.X., You’ll Don’t Know, Little Son and More. The album can be found at the following link:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/apex-studios-present-wrath/id586759547



Zombie Weed by Mr Mel the Riddler

Have you checked out the “Zombie Weed” video by Mr Mel the Riddler? If not you might want too. Zombie Weed is the video from Apex Studio presents M-Town EP . The EP consists of 3 songs from Mr Mel the Riddler titled Lay It Down, The Game, and Zombie Weed.



We are getting the 2013 line up ready with more shows the first one takes place at the Evening Muse located in Charlotte, NC. It is set for Jan 20th 2013. More info can be found at Afton Shows and at Apex Records Shows.

New Music Outlet


Soon our music will be in RDIO. RDIO is a new music service which search and play any song without hearing a single ad, discover music and share with friends across Twitter and Facebook, build digital music collections available anywhere — on the web, in your home or car, on tablets and mobile devices, and even offline available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark Finland, France, Germany, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK and the U.S.

The current albums which will be listed on RDIO is Apex Studios present LUST, Money Man’s “Against All Odds”, Skittle Riddles, Crystal Lite, .99 Cent Beats vol. 1, and Love Fade Away. Be sure to check us out Apex Records music on RDIO.

Quick News


New Studio Logo

Starting next month Sept. we will be back to giving away free studio time and more. Since the free studio time was such a big hit Apex has decided to keep it going. This time around instead of giving away free studio time it is rumored that winners could also get some distribution, shows and etc. along with it. Right now it is unsure about how this free studio and the packages which will come with it. Be we will keep everyone updated about it.


Currently to this date the #1 selling album for Apex Records is “LUST”. So far this album along has sold  3100 units since its release in early Oct. of 2011. The smash hit “Got That” feat. Apex has sold 2617 units; talk about good news for Apex Records. Seeing how this “LUST” album was such a hit the Record Label stated last month that they would be releasing another sin album titled “WRATH” in Oct. of this year to see if the next album can match or pass the “LUST” album. If you have not heard the “LUST” album yet it can be found in ITunes, Rhapsody, Emusic, Zune, and more.

Apex Records Chart:

1. Apex Studios Present “LUST” ( – )

2. Money Man’s “Against All Odds” ( – )

3. Crystal Lite ( ↑ )

4. Apex Studio Presents: M-Town ( ↑ )






Have fun with Apex 2.0


Ever wanted to know what goes on with Apex Studio and Apex Records recording artist? Then this is the app for you. With Apex 2.0 you can view tweets, facebook status, upcoming events, photos, listen to new music and more as soon as its available all from one location… your mobile phone. So instead of running from one site to another all just to find out the latest news; now you can view it from your phone. Android app name: Apex 2.0 More info: http://www.android.com/market/#app=http://market.android.com/details?id=com.conduit.app_501419973e6b46e69210c4c6bf2b6a55.app

Studio News

Don’t Waste Your Time In The Studio

1. Always be on time; if you were waiting on someone and they were running late how  do you think your engineer feels. Show the engineer some respect and call the studio to let the engineer or staff know that you are running late.

2. Have all material ready. Once you hit the door your session begins. Don’t waste time shopping around for beats when you can be recording.

New Releases in the Digital Market

99 cent

Looking for instrumentals? Then check out .99 Cent Beats Vol. 1 from the producers of Apex Studio. They released a instrumental CD with un tagged beats and yes they are for sale for .99 cent. They are planning on releasing more instrumentals, but want to see how the first one fairs first with the media. .99 Cent Beats Vol. 1 can be found at:

Itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/.99-cent-beats-vol.-1./id530353123

Amazon MP3: http://www.amazon.com/99-Cent-Beats-Vol-1/dp/B0086HMBVK

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Apex_Studio_99_Cent_Beats_Vol_1?id=By7iddznpauxbvrs3s2uqma2eye

Zune: http://social.zune.net/album/Apex-Studio/.99-Cent-Beats%2c-Vol.-1./e05d3a07-0100-11db-89ca-0019b92a3933/details?cache=true

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/apexstudiomusic/music/albums/99-cent-beats-vol-1-18561488

m town

The new comer to Apex Records is Mr Mel the Riddler. While workin gon his debut album titled “Riddle Me This”; Apex Records did a rush release on Apex Studio presents: M-Town; which features Apex, Mr Mel the Riddler, Produca Dee and Freedy Gee. M-Town consists of 3 songs which was originally released on M-Town’s mixtape. By these being the only originally tracks on the mixtape Apex decided to release “Lat It Down”, Zombie Weed”, and “The Game” to digital markets to prepare people for the coming of Mr Mel the Riddler’s album. Apex Studio presents M-Town is available at:

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/variousartists-49205003/music/albums/apex-studio-presents-m-town-explicit-18566447

Amazon MP3: http://www.amazon.com/Apex-Studio-Presents-M-Town-Explicit/dp/B0087231QS/ref=sr_shvl_album_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1339618693&sr=301-1

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Various_Artists_Apex_Studio_Presents_M_Town?id=Bkas6pkwmwkngpzmu4zc4c3m56a&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLG51bGwsImFsYnVtLUJrYXM2cGt3bXdrbmdwem11NHpjNGMzbTU2YSJd

Zune: http://social.zune.net/album/Various-Artists/Apex-Studio-Presents%3a-M-Town/94033b07-0100-11db-89ca-0019b92a3933/details?cache=true

Current Interviews

Mr Mel the Riddler

Recently Mr Mel the Riddler was on the “In the Studio with Apex” show talking about current updates with his album, promo work that he has been putting out and more. Check out the interview for more details.

Vee Boi baby

Want to know what Vee Boi Baby has been up too then listen and learn. Vee Boi Baby (recording artist of Nu Galaxy Music) talks about his up coming album, shows, video releases and more.