New Instrumentals Available

We will be releasing more instrumentals through out the next two weeks. Be on the look out for new material which may benefit your next project. So far we have 106 instrumentals online for purchase; which does not include our entire music archive. All of our instrumentals can be found here at Apex Studio or on our Beat Stars Page.

Apex Studio : Apex Studio Instrumentals

Beat Stars: Apex Studio on Beatstars

Currently Going Strong


Another edition of the sin series of albums are coming from Apex. it is due to be released soon and the next sin album will be titled “Greed”. This album will be the third edition of the sin albums which Apex has been releasing under Apex Records. So far he has released a sin album every year starting from 2011. The next one will be released in October 2013. So be prepared to hear some new music. If you have not checked out the Lust or Wrath album it can be viewed here:


Riddle Me This” album by Mr Mel the Riddler

Riddle Me This Album

LUST” album by Apex

LUST Album

WRATH” album by Apex




If you missed the last show because you had to work, take care of the kids or just couldn’t get out the house well do not worry we have the video footage for you. The last show “Heat It Up” was performed at The Evening Muse located in the Noda District of Charlotte, NC. This show is one that you really did not want to miss… why? Because Apex is off vacation and him and the Mr Mel the Riddler killed the show with new songs and more. Check out the video footage for your self.

Apex and the Riddler heat up the Evening Muse, Charlotte, NC


To stay up to date with shows, new music and more from the artist of Apex Records download our new Apex Now App and join out mailing list right from the app to receive new music before it hits the streets, radio stations, and stores. Be the first to say that you heard it first from the Apex Now App.

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As of lately Apex Records have been moving their artists albums and singles from one distribution company to the next. This process will be over by the end of the year, but all music will still be currently available from all major digital retailers and more have been added to the list as well where their can be found. So just be patient… if the music is not currently in your music retailers online store it soon will be.

Studio News

Don’t Waste Your Time In The Studio

1. Always be on time; if you were waiting on someone and they were running late how  do you think your engineer feels. Show the engineer some respect and call the studio to let the engineer or staff know that you are running late.

2. Have all material ready. Once you hit the door your session begins. Don’t waste time shopping around for beats when you can be recording.

New Releases in the Digital Market

99 cent

Looking for instrumentals? Then check out .99 Cent Beats Vol. 1 from the producers of Apex Studio. They released a instrumental CD with un tagged beats and yes they are for sale for .99 cent. They are planning on releasing more instrumentals, but want to see how the first one fairs first with the media. .99 Cent Beats Vol. 1 can be found at:


Amazon MP3:

Google Play:



m town

The new comer to Apex Records is Mr Mel the Riddler. While workin gon his debut album titled “Riddle Me This”; Apex Records did a rush release on Apex Studio presents: M-Town; which features Apex, Mr Mel the Riddler, Produca Dee and Freedy Gee. M-Town consists of 3 songs which was originally released on M-Town’s mixtape. By these being the only originally tracks on the mixtape Apex decided to release “Lat It Down”, Zombie Weed”, and “The Game” to digital markets to prepare people for the coming of Mr Mel the Riddler’s album. Apex Studio presents M-Town is available at:


Amazon MP3:

Google Play:


Current Interviews

Mr Mel the Riddler

Recently Mr Mel the Riddler was on the “In the Studio with Apex” show talking about current updates with his album, promo work that he has been putting out and more. Check out the interview for more details.

Vee Boi baby

Want to know what Vee Boi Baby has been up too then listen and learn. Vee Boi Baby (recording artist of Nu Galaxy Music) talks about his up coming album, shows, video releases and more.

Apex Records updates

Apex Studio presents M-Town: More New Music

Now available in all digital markets is M-Town; as promised we guaranteed to bring you new music and here it is. This album EP consists of Apex Records recording artist Apex, Mr Mel the Riddler (, and M-Town Ent. recording artist Produca’dee Darious. This album can be found in Itunes, Google Play, Amazon Mp3, Rhapsody, and more.

This album EP consists of 3 songs tittled LayIt Down, The Game, and Zombiw Weed. Be sure to check them out!

“In the Studio with Apex”: Mr Mel interview

Check out Mr Mel recording artist of Apex Records as he gets interviewed on the “In the studio with Apex” show at:

Apex asks Mr Mel the Riddler about his coming success with his debut album tittled “Riddle Me This”, up coming shows, and more. Check out the video for more info.

Producers of Apex Studio: Instrumental Beats

The producers of Apex Studio have released a instrumental cd containing… yes you got it right beats. They are untag and ready for use with your music and they the beats only cost .99! You can’t beat a deal like that so jump on it now. It can be found in Itunes:

Love Fade Away

The artist known as Chyna has inked a digital distribution deal with Apex Records. This deal has been in the works for sometime now and Apex has been able to keep it on the hush. But now the cat is out of the bag.

Recently of as 2 years ago Chyna was signed to Apex Studio as a recording artist and ventured off after his project was complete to further his career in the music industry. After 2 years he has came back to try and ink a deal as a full time recording artist of Apex Records. Apex has told Chyna that right now the budget can not with stand signing another artist to the record label, but what he can do is give Chyna a digital distribution deal through Apex Records.

From there the rest is history; stay tuned for more updates on the signing of Chyna to Apex Records distribution deal.

Here we Go!

“Apex Mobile App”

Version 1.0

Apex Studio has just released its mobile app version 1.0. This app will allow you to receive news updates, new music, artist twits, facebook status’s, behind the scenes footage and more. While on the go you will be able to keep up with Money Man, Mr Mel the Riddler, and Apex himself. The mobile app can be downloaded in Google Play store located at: q=apex+studio&c=apps

“Money Man and The Riddler”

Attack the Muse Again

Money Man and Mr Mel the Riddler will be performing at the Evening Muse on May 22 nd, 2012 . If you have missed them performing before in the past then you would not want to miss this one. Come out and enjoy the night with both artists signed to Apex Records and party like there is no tomorrow.

Location: The Evening Muse

3227 Davidson Street, Charlotte NC

Start Time: 6:00 PM

End Time: 1:00 AM

Door Prices: $13.00

Physical Tickets: $11.00

Online Tickets: $10.00

“In the Studio with Apex”

Back Again with the Next Season

In the studio with Apex new season kicks off with an animated artist by the name of Se’von. This energy packed interview will keep you on your toes as Apex asks the serious questions and Se’von does what he does best… entertain the camera.

“Still In Production”

Apex Studio presents: M-Town

Sorry for the wait of “Apex Studio presents: M-Town”; it is still currently under production. Some tracks have been added to this project and some have been taken away from it. This project started off as a full album, but it may end up being an EP and digitally released so that it can reach every corner of the globe.

On this album you will hear songs by Apex Records artist Mr Mel the Riddler, Apex, M-Town Entertainment Artist/Producer Produca Dee, and independent artist Freddy Gee. So far songs titled for this album are Zombie Weed, Lay it Down, The Game, and more. Stay tuned as more up dates are becoming available.

I Like Afton Booking and My Afton Shows

Afton Booking and Afton Shows have been a big help when it comes to getting artist from Apex Records shows in Charlotte, NC. When ever we are booked for a show we get a chance to network, promote, and advertise what else Apex Records/ Apex Studios can do; besides just going out to perform for that night. We get the exposure which we need from Afton and the unique marketing strategies which Afton aids us with helps out a lot. Overall Afton Booking and My Afton Shows gives us a way to do what we love doing and meet new people, artists, and bands in the process. Thanks Afton from everyone here at Apex Records/ Apex Studio.

Summer Heat

  •  New Release:             Apex Studio Presents: M-Town

 April 30th 2012 will be the release date for Apex Studio presents: M-Town. This album will consist of artist Mr Mel the Riddler (Apex Records Artist), Produca Dee (M-Town Ent.), and Apex da Opticsun (Apex Records Artist). This album will be heavily distributed though out online markets nation wide.

 It was said that Dontavious Dixon (Owner of Apex Studio and CEO of Apex Records) is releasing this project to boost the awarness of Apex Records artist Mr Mel the Riddler before his solo album is released next year April 2013 which will be titled “Riddle Me This”. Production has been completed for this album previously and now it is time for it to be released to the world.

  • Money and the Riddler:       The Evening Muse

May 22nd will be the next performance date to catch Apex Records artist Money Man and Mr Mel the Riddler on stage at the same time. Before Money Man and Mr Mel had been performing separately at the Evening Muse; but this time around they will be performing together at the Evening Muse and rocking the stage. So if you missed Money Man or if you miss Mr Mel the Riddler performaces; then you do not want to miss this one.

Online Tickets:

Location:                    Evening Muse, 3227 Davidson Street, Charlotte,NC

Start Time:                 6:00 PM 

  • Jango Radio:                     Digital Air Waves

You can hear music from Apex Records right on your pc or mobile phone. Apex Records now has a internet radio station on Jango Radio. Jango is a personalized internet radio that helps you find new music based on what you already like. Its unlimited listening with fewer ads; from Jango you can view past/ current shows, listen to new music, link with Apex Records and artist on social sites, join our mailing list and more. So check us out on Jango Radio.

The link for our station is

  • Summer Specials:      Here We Go Again

As you know its that time again and we are starting our summer specials this May 1st 2012. For those of you who don’t know every year at the same time we discount our recording prices for the summer to help artist get their projects out. The summer special discounts our recording rate to $10 an hour instead of $30 an hour.

So book time now because people have all ready been booking time for May and June. Don’t miss out on this summer special call now to book your time 704-605-1496. The summer special lasts from May 1st to July 31st.