It’s All About MM?


Recently Mr Mel the Riddler has been very busy with life in general, but now as the clock ticks and time gets closer for his next album drop “Rated R”; it is back to business. “Rated R” is set to be released on Oct 13th 2015; which will give Mr Mel the Riddler two things to celebrate; his birthday and a album release. With this being said expect things to get a little crazy around Apex Records.

So far “Rated R” is said to be released digitally with heavy promotion/ advertising work. Apex stated that promotion will be so insane that his face will be literally everywhere. Dontavious Dixon (Apex Records CEO) wanted to sell hard copies but instead decided to go full digital. Seeing how sells from “Riddle Me This” were mostly digital; he feels that going full digital is the best way to go. He also stated that if there are hard copies the amount will be very limited.


Apex Records announces the video tapping of Mr Mel the Riddler working on his next album “POV”. Recording will start this week at Apex Records and footage will be placed on YOUTUBE the beginning of next year. This will give fans a new way to see Mr Mel the Riddler and also see what he actually goes through when at the studio with Apex as his engineer; while working on projects. Be prepared to see numerous takes, bloopers, real studio footage and more straight from Apex Records.



Apex, The Riddler, 4ree, ALLEN, Billy G Stvckz The Mack & Guests
1801 Commonwealth Ave
Charlotte, NC 28205
Show Starts 6.30 PM
18+ ONLY

New Videos from Apex Records Artist

With the current release of Apex’s new album “I’m Just A Machine, Pt 2” videos have been on the rise for the promotion. From “Sweep That Shit”and “She Said” the buzz is really going around about the album. The videos can be found below and the album as well can be found in Amazon, Itunes, Emusic and many more places. But check out the 2 new videos from Apex’s album and let us know what you think.

Promo Videos from the Riddler’s next album “Rated R” has surfaced. Be prepared to see things on a different level when it comes to the mind of The Riddler. HIs album is set to release this Jan 2015 and it is surely going to be a block buster. Check out the promo videos below for more details on what is in stored from the album.

“She Said” Video Release

This Friday at exactly 12 am Apex will be releasing his new video titled ” She Said” from his highly debuted album; “I’m Just A Machine, P2”. This will be Alex’s very first video for his album as he is right now planning on the next video that he will release. Apex stated that this song will be something that you would not expect from him but the viewers are sure to like it.

The video shoot took place in a warehouse with lots of green screening and lights. This is not the first time for Apex to use green screens in some of the videos in which he has shoot, but it is the first time in which he used a green screen of this size with lots of special effects.

“She Said” Will air at the following link at exactly 12 am. So don’t miss out and have everyone else telling you about the video; watch it while it airs for the first time.

Geared up and “READY TO GO”!

What has Apex been up too?:

If you don’t know then you better ask somebody because right now the number one selling album from Apex Records is ApexI’m Just A Machine Part 1”. So far this album has been selling like crazy on the digital markets and physical copies can not stay in stock. This is good because this is the first album in which Apex sought too have a feature or a different feature on every track. The album can be found on Rhapsody, Amazon MP3, Itunes, Emusic, JB Hifi, Spotify and more. If you have not checked it out; I guarantee you that are missing a classic.

Recently Apex has been busy working on Part 2 of “I’m Just A Machine” and also working on his “Social Help EP”. It is hard to say which album will be released in 2014 or if he will be releasing any one of these album in 2014, but Apex told us personally that he has another sin album which will be released Oct 2014 along with plans of opening up a beat website for Apex Studio and Company. So as you can see he has been busy keeping business moving and still finding time to keep music pumping out. We will keep you up dated on the beat website and his releases as we find out more information.

The Riddler working his Craft!:

From month to month the Mr Mel the Riddler has been performing at various locations from The Evening Muse to The Apostrophe Lounge, The Mynt Lounge, Mc Bonies Bar and more. But he has yet to leave his question mark on new fans. So it is back to the studio and putting in work on a new project which he says will really turn the heads and move the masses to his craft. The Riddler’s first album “Riddle Me This” was released April of 2013 and sales are starting to pick up from the shows which he has been performing around the city of Charlotte, NC. But now he is working on a new album which he told us will definantly have everyone in amazement.

A gifted rapper he is; can the Mr Mel the Riddler really make a album which will top his first album and become a statistic to the music indusrty or will be be able to say… Yo Apex take a break and let me run it from here…

Show Dates:

Sunday, Jan 26, 2014 at 6:00 PM
STATE: NC    CITY: Charlotte
LOCATION: The Evening Muse, 3227 Davidson St.

Sunday, Jan 8, 2014 at 6:00 PM
STATE: NC    CITY: Charlotte
LOCATION: Apostrophe Lounge, 1440 South Tryon St.

Sunday, Jan 5, 2014 at 5:00 PM
STATE: NC    CITY: Charlotte
LOCATION: Apostrophe Lounge, 1440 South Tryon St.

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Show Footage:

The Riddler at Mynt Lounge
The Riddler at Apostrophe Lounge
The Riddler at Mc Bonnies


In the Studio with Apex

Check out the new interviews from Apex “In the Studio with Apex” show. We told you that Apex had been busy lately and here is the proof.

Apex tells TMH to give up the release date on his Mixtape


Parkar from the Psycho Astronauts and Juvie Yungin are interviewed back to back.


Apex Records:

Apex Records wants to thank everyone that submitted a demo to them. It seems as if Apex has listened to all 500 demos and will be contacting artist back with good news of being signed or giving them distribution deals to further their career. Who are the artist you might ask… Well as of right now Apex is the only one who knows who these artist or producers are and once he has contacted them and everything is in black and white we will be seeing them on the “In the Studio with Apex” show reveling who they are to the world. So until then stay tuned.

Long Time Coming

New Releases:

Riddle Me This
Riddle Me This by Mr Mel the Riddler is finally out. It was released May 1st 2013 and features Apex (recording artist from Apex Records) and Jarad. The album has production from Apex, Johnny Storm, Debo and the Beats, Produca Dee and Daron Woods. Riddle Me This contains 14 songs with neither but bangers on it. From songs like Cruise Control, No Sticks No Seeds, Riddle Me This and more you are sure to love this album. It can be found in Amazon, ITunes, Facebook, Myspace Music and Rhapsody.

In the Studio with Apex (Theme Song

The In the studio with Apex show now has a theme song which will be added to the new interviews which are on the way to come. The shows new intro was written by Yonda Fletcher and produced/recorded by Apex. The theme song add a new depth to the In the Studio with Apex show.

Up Next:

“Surfboard Status Mix tape”
New artist signed to Apex Records is Chyna Hollywood; as of lately he has been putting in work on his mix tape with a set release date of June 10th. The mix tape has features from Apex (recording artist of Apex Records), Mr mel the Riddler (recording artist of Apex Records), Donnie Quest (Psycho Astronauts), Daa Kant, Morgan, Joey Bullis, Michael Haywood, King Royalty and more. Right now it is unsure on the amount of songs which will be on the album but it is safe to say that it will be one mix tape in which you will hear a mixture of flows; but the outcome will be the same.

“Untitled Mix tape”
Apex is just about off vacation and yes he has been putting in work on a mix tape. It is rumored that some production has came from Deobo and the Beats and Deron Woods, but that information has not been fully confirmed. What we do know is that this mix tape is going to be hot and will feature vee Boo Baby (recording artist from Nu Galaxy Ent.), Kelly Bridges, Morgan Wright, Mr Mel the Riddler, Hollywood, and more. The mix tape is still untitled but with the release date just about a month down the line Apex might want to start thinking about a name before the due date hits.

Studio News:

As you may know it is that time again of the year for $10 an hour recording sessions at Apex Studio. We do it every year from May 1st – July 31st. So if you or anybody needs studio time with a top knotch recording company which has been in the business for 10+ years then you need to contact Apex Studio. Be able to get your audio projects finished in time for the summer releases and save money in the process. You can book recording sessions at Apex Studio by contacting them by phone (704_605_1496) and email (