Apex is Coming!

“I’m Just A Machine”

Apex is in the final stages before releasing his mix tape “I’m Just A Machine” which is rumored to be released this month. But a official date has not been said yet. We do know that he is in the process of shooting to videos for songs on his mix tape which are “I’m A Monster” and “S.T.U.P.I.D.”. He did say that the singles and videos would come out before the release of the mix tape. So now the question is… why is he making us wait so long? below is a sneak peak of a could be album cover for the mix tape “I’m Just A Machine”

Machine 1

“Looking to get Signed?”

if you are looking to get signed well now is the time to start submitting your demos to Apex Records. They are looking to sign artist at the start of the new year. That’s is how  Mr Mel the Riddler got signed to Apex Records. All demos can be submitted to demosubmissions@a-pexstudio.com along with a bio and head shot of the artist or group.

“What You Listening Too?”

Check out some music from Apex Records recording artist Mr Mel the Riddler and Apex. Their music can be found on youtube free to play.

Apex “As the Melody Plays On”
Mr Mel the Riddler “Questions Answers and Problems”

”New Music Video”

Have you seen “No Sticks No Seeds” yet by Mr Mel the Riddler? If not check it out now and comment on you what you think about the video.

Mr Mel the Riddler “No Sticks No Seeds”

“Rocking At the Muse”

It goes down Sept 8th at The Evening Muse as the Apex Studio and Apex Records artist take to the stage. The will be a event in which artist which have recorded at Apex Studio will have the chance to showcase their talent along side Apex Records recording artists Apex and Mr Mel the Riddler. Be on the look out for some new music to be performed at this show from Apex and the Mr Mel the Riddler.

Sept 8th at Evening Muse
Show Start Time: 6:30 PM
Physical Tickets: $11.00
Online Tickets: $11.00 www.aftonshows.com/apexrecord
Door Price w/ Ticket: $13.00

3227 N Davidson St.
Charlotte, NC 28205

Currently Going Strong


Another edition of the sin series of albums are coming from Apex. it is due to be released soon and the next sin album will be titled “Greed”. This album will be the third edition of the sin albums which Apex has been releasing under Apex Records. So far he has released a sin album every year starting from 2011. The next one will be released in October 2013. So be prepared to hear some new music. If you have not checked out the Lust or Wrath album it can be viewed here:


Riddle Me This” album by Mr Mel the Riddler

Riddle Me This Album

LUST” album by Apex

LUST Album

WRATH” album by Apex




If you missed the last show because you had to work, take care of the kids or just couldn’t get out the house well do not worry we have the video footage for you. The last show “Heat It Up” was performed at The Evening Muse located in the Noda District of Charlotte, NC. This show is one that you really did not want to miss… why? Because Apex is off vacation and him and the Mr Mel the Riddler killed the show with new songs and more. Check out the video footage for your self.

Apex and the Riddler heat up the Evening Muse, Charlotte, NC


To stay up to date with shows, new music and more from the artist of Apex Records download our new Apex Now App and join out mailing list right from the app to receive new music before it hits the streets, radio stations, and stores. Be the first to say that you heard it first from the Apex Now App.

Apex Now App


As of lately Apex Records have been moving their artists albums and singles from one distribution company to the next. This process will be over by the end of the year, but all music will still be currently available from all major digital retailers and more have been added to the list as well where their can be found. So just be patient… if the music is not currently in your music retailers online store it soon will be.

Apex Records Expansion


Afton Shows and the Evening Muse”

The next show for Apex Records artist will be November 11th 2012. So far this year we have had a lot of shows; show casing new talent from the new comers Gemi and TMH along side Apex and Mr Mel the Riddler. From the beginning of the year until now our artist and guest artist have rocked the stage at the Evening Muse; but this up coming show will be the last one for this year until we kick off the new  year with new music from Apex and Mr Mel the Riddler.

The Next show will be set for November 11th at the Evening Muse. Which is located in Charlotte, NC at 3227 Davidson Street. Tickets can be bought online at www.aftonshows.com/apexrecord this next show is guaranteed to be a banger and this is one that you do not want to miss.



“Which One Will it Be”

Just as Mr Mel the Riddler finishes up his album “Arkham City” we hear that Apex Records will be signing a new artist and managing more artist as well. It is not yet sure as to who this new artist will be, but we think that it may be “Chyna Macra” aka The Future. A solo artist which had a production deal from Apex Studio in the middle of 2005. Sources say that it also could be “Yo Star” from the UK which was recently in the studio with Apex working on a song with him. Also lets not forget about “Nero”; who was signed to Apex Studio for a Promo EP which Apex and him recorded a song titled “Got That” (which is the #1 song on the LUST Album). There are is really no telling who could be the next artist signed to Apex Records; but one thing is for sure…. it will happen next week.


NEW MUSIC VIDEO FROM Mr Mel the Riddler:

“Zombie Weed”

Zombie Weed by Mr Mel the Riddler ft. Produca Dee and Freedy G

New Music video from Mr Mel the Riddler. This is one you do not want to miss!

Shows, Events, and News

Summer Specials


$10 an hour for recording sessions and yes the quality is superb. Call now to book appointments for the summer special. This special is one that we run every year from May until the end of July; so don’t miss out as time slots are being filled up fast. Call now to book appointments at  704-605-1496

Invading the Muse

sho                                                                                               (Mr Mel the Riddler and NAJ Muzic at the Evening Muse)

The show is getting closer as we speak and we have just gotten word that Apex will be on stage performing with Mr Mel the Riddler. He will be aiding Mr Mel the Riddler  while Money Man is out working on his next album for the following year. With Money Man out working on his next project Apex has no choice but to step up to the plate and say “LET’S GO!” This show is guaranteed to be jammed packed with fans of Apex and new fans of Mr Mel the Riddler; says Apex. Be prepared for a energetic show from Mr Mel the Riddler spitting lyrical flows and Apex’s savoy talk; this will be one show you do not want to miss.

We have a leaked track list of what songs will be performed and 2 of them will be from Mr Mel the Riddler’s upcoming album “Riddle Me This”. Apex will be performing 1 song from his upcoming album as well “Social Help” along with a remix of the song Apextacy from the “LUST” album (which can be found in Itunes, Rhapsody, Emusic, and more online stores)

Show Information:

Evening Muse, 3227 Davidson Street, Charlotte, NC

Physical Tickets: $11.00

Online Tickets: $10.00 (Afton Shows)

Door Entry w/out ticket: $13.00

Riddle Me This Intro

The first video to Mr Mel the Riddler album has been shot and boy does it look very impressive. The video was shoot in downtown Charlotte, NC on top of a building. We have some still photos of the actual finished product and nothing more. Apex has been keeping a tight lid on the production and footage coming from the Mr Mrl the Riddler album. But here are some still shots of what we were able to get; as you will see in these still frames they were gearing for a animated video.


Re Releasing


Next month will be the re releasing of “Hellzapexalyptickilah” and “Love Fade Away”. For those of you who don’t know “Hellzapexalypticah” is the first album ever written and produced by Apex himself. It was released is 2001 in the state of NC on the streets of Charlotte, and then was released in stores world wide in 2002. This time around the album will be released in digital stores as of the new albums which have been released. So be on the look out as we keep you updated with more information about “Hellzapexalyptickilah”.

Love Fade Away

For “Love Fade Away”; this album was produced by Apex and CJ Beatz for Apex Studio recording artist Chyna aka Future. “Love Fade Away” was never released in stores digitally or physically… why might you ask? Because the timing wasn’t right. At the current time when “Love Fade Away” was completed Apex felt that the time wasn’t right to release it to the public. Very little people heard the project and that’s how Apex wanted to keep it. Now with time on his side Apex called up Chyna and said now the world is ready for “Love Fade Away”. Releasing next month in all digital stores be sure to year a style of Rap/Hip Hop that you have never heard before; as we gather more information about Chyna and the release of “Love Fade Away” we will keep you posted.