More Big Things Coming

Release the Ads

Today was the official release of the mini ads for Apex Studio. These ads will boost the awareness of Apex Studio and also show of our new clients and old clients in the commercial ads as well. It is a know fact that Apex Studio has been in business for over a century in the Charlotte metro area, but what is not known is that Apex Studio is a independent studio which also operates as a record label as well. So when they hear good music they are quick to jump on it.

The mini ads for Apex Studio will act as a campaign to let customers and future customers know that our quality changes for the better as years go by but their price never changes. to view the newly released mini ad which just starts the Are You Ready Series check out the following link below.

Apex Studio “Are You Ready Commercial”


Going Mobile

Everything is looking good for the Apex Mobile Studio. So far everything has been equipped for what is required for the mobile studio. Right now tests are being conducted to ensure that the equipment being used holds true to the Apex Quality of recording; within weeks we should see Apex Mobile Studio hitting the streets.

Currently Going Strong


Another edition of the sin series of albums are coming from Apex. it is due to be released soon and the next sin album will be titled “Greed”. This album will be the third edition of the sin albums which Apex has been releasing under Apex Records. So far he has released a sin album every year starting from 2011. The next one will be released in October 2013. So be prepared to hear some new music. If you have not checked out the Lust or Wrath album it can be viewed here:


Riddle Me This” album by Mr Mel the Riddler

Riddle Me This Album

LUST” album by Apex

LUST Album

WRATH” album by Apex




If you missed the last show because you had to work, take care of the kids or just couldn’t get out the house well do not worry we have the video footage for you. The last show “Heat It Up” was performed at The Evening Muse located in the Noda District of Charlotte, NC. This show is one that you really did not want to miss… why? Because Apex is off vacation and him and the Mr Mel the Riddler killed the show with new songs and more. Check out the video footage for your self.

Apex and the Riddler heat up the Evening Muse, Charlotte, NC


To stay up to date with shows, new music and more from the artist of Apex Records download our new Apex Now App and join out mailing list right from the app to receive new music before it hits the streets, radio stations, and stores. Be the first to say that you heard it first from the Apex Now App.

Apex Now App


As of lately Apex Records have been moving their artists albums and singles from one distribution company to the next. This process will be over by the end of the year, but all music will still be currently available from all major digital retailers and more have been added to the list as well where their can be found. So just be patient… if the music is not currently in your music retailers online store it soon will be.

Apex Records Updates


Apextacy Remix feat. Mr Mel The Riddler is now available in IHeart Radio. This was a shock to Apex Records artist Apex and Mr Mel the Riddler. After all the music submissions to IHeart Radio they have finally picked one; said Apex. We plan on doing some major advertising about our music being in IHeart Radio, but we sill haven’t had time to enjoy the success with the current projects which we have coming up; Apex noted.



The two shows that was setup by Apex Records through Afton Shows was a big success. It gave independent artist the chance to meet and open up for Apex Records artist Mr Mel the Riddler. Money Man was supposed to be in attendance, but was unavailable to show up… so the show still went on. The first show consisted of Mr Mel the Riddler performing some new songs from his mixtape “Arkham City” along with the remix of one of his album songs “Going Hard Remix” featuring Gemi and performing the Apextacy Remix with Apex himself. Talk about crowd stoppers; Apex and the Mr Mel the Riddler make a great duo on stage together when performing songs. After a fun night performing it was no time to relax because they hard to do “Go Hard or Go Home Part 2” within the following week. Go Hard or Go Home Part 2 was exactly what the name says. The opening acts for this event was TMH (@TMH_MUSIC), Charlotte America (which did not show), Gemi (@Gemizajewel), and Mr Mel the Riddler.  If you missed it you missed a good performance which topped the first. We don’t want to spoil this event footage so check out the video feed for it.


Node Your Head to This

Hellzapexalyptickilah is back and is making a lot of noise on the charts. It was first released in 2001 through out Charlotte, NC and sold independently by Apex through Apex Studio. Well many years have passed and now it is in the hands of Apex Records; they decided to re release it digitally to the world since it never got worldly exposure. It can be currently found in AMAZON, SPOTIFY, ZUNE, YOUTUBE, MEDIANET, ITUNES AND MORE!

New Music Outlet


Soon our music will be in RDIO. RDIO is a new music service which search and play any song without hearing a single ad, discover music and share with friends across Twitter and Facebook, build digital music collections available anywhere — on the web, in your home or car, on tablets and mobile devices, and even offline available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark Finland, France, Germany, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK and the U.S.

The current albums which will be listed on RDIO is Apex Studios present LUST, Money Man’s “Against All Odds”, Skittle Riddles, Crystal Lite, .99 Cent Beats vol. 1, and Love Fade Away. Be sure to check us out Apex Records music on RDIO.

Quick News


New Studio Logo

Starting next month Sept. we will be back to giving away free studio time and more. Since the free studio time was such a big hit Apex has decided to keep it going. This time around instead of giving away free studio time it is rumored that winners could also get some distribution, shows and etc. along with it. Right now it is unsure about how this free studio and the packages which will come with it. Be we will keep everyone updated about it.


Currently to this date the #1 selling album for Apex Records is “LUST”. So far this album along has sold  3100 units since its release in early Oct. of 2011. The smash hit “Got That” feat. Apex has sold 2617 units; talk about good news for Apex Records. Seeing how this “LUST” album was such a hit the Record Label stated last month that they would be releasing another sin album titled “WRATH” in Oct. of this year to see if the next album can match or pass the “LUST” album. If you have not heard the “LUST” album yet it can be found in ITunes, Rhapsody, Emusic, Zune, and more.

Apex Records Chart:

1. Apex Studios Present “LUST” ( – )

2. Money Man’s “Against All Odds” ( – )

3. Crystal Lite ( ↑ )

4. Apex Studio Presents: M-Town ( ↑ )






Watch “T M H on the Apex Show.wmv” on YouTube

After working on his mixtape and getting positive feedback from the promo tracks he has released to the streets of Charlotte, NC; T M H has come back to the show to give us a up dated interview on “In the Studio with Apex”. In this interview you will catch Apex asking T M H some serious questions and also cracking a joke or too. Check out the interview and leave some comments. T M H on the Apex Show

Here we Go!

“Apex Mobile App”

Version 1.0

Apex Studio has just released its mobile app version 1.0. This app will allow you to receive news updates, new music, artist twits, facebook status’s, behind the scenes footage and more. While on the go you will be able to keep up with Money Man, Mr Mel the Riddler, and Apex himself. The mobile app can be downloaded in Google Play store located at: q=apex+studio&c=apps

“Money Man and The Riddler”

Attack the Muse Again

Money Man and Mr Mel the Riddler will be performing at the Evening Muse on May 22 nd, 2012 . If you have missed them performing before in the past then you would not want to miss this one. Come out and enjoy the night with both artists signed to Apex Records and party like there is no tomorrow.

Location: The Evening Muse

3227 Davidson Street, Charlotte NC

Start Time: 6:00 PM

End Time: 1:00 AM

Door Prices: $13.00

Physical Tickets: $11.00

Online Tickets: $10.00

“In the Studio with Apex”

Back Again with the Next Season

In the studio with Apex new season kicks off with an animated artist by the name of Se’von. This energy packed interview will keep you on your toes as Apex asks the serious questions and Se’von does what he does best… entertain the camera.

“Still In Production”

Apex Studio presents: M-Town

Sorry for the wait of “Apex Studio presents: M-Town”; it is still currently under production. Some tracks have been added to this project and some have been taken away from it. This project started off as a full album, but it may end up being an EP and digitally released so that it can reach every corner of the globe.

On this album you will hear songs by Apex Records artist Mr Mel the Riddler, Apex, M-Town Entertainment Artist/Producer Produca Dee, and independent artist Freddy Gee. So far songs titled for this album are Zombie Weed, Lay it Down, The Game, and more. Stay tuned as more up dates are becoming available.

Studio Post 2/7/12

Website Enhancements:
Social Updates

We have added Tweeter tweet buttons and Facebook share buttons to the website. Before they were only on the home page, but now they have been added to every page throughout the website.

The artist pages have all been updated with tweet and facebook buttons as well, but theirs are more geared towards themselves. Once on the artist page you can then browse their bio, view pictures of them and even connect with them on social sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Up Next:
The Riddle Begins Now

Just signed to Apex Records roster is Mr Mel the Riddler. He will be putting in work for his album which is yet to be titled. Production on this album will come from Apex, Johnny Storm, and possibly some other producers. It is yet unknown if their will be any features on his album so be on the look out for more information. His bio page can be found at Apex Records

More Music Coming
Releasing Classics

Soon to be released to the public on the digital market will be 3 of Apex’s albums titled “DNU Dark Sun Rising”, “Mark of the Centipede”, and “for Pleasure or Pain”. These albums are considered classics from Apex Studios archieve and will be released on the digital markets like ItunesItunes, Amazon on Demand, Amazon MP3, ZuneZune, SpotifySpotify, and others.

Not all three albums will be released at once they will be released on a monthly basics one after the other. So be on the look out for Apex Studio classics to resurface and hit the digital airwaves all over the world.

Lights, Camera, Money
Evening Muse

Money Man will be performing at the Evening Muse and making the crowd go crazy. So if you missed the last time he was at the Evening Muse then you don’t want to miss this one. Advance tickets can be purchased at Apex Studio, 1142 Plaza Walk Dr, Charlotte, NC or online at Money Man and we will be giving away “Lust”and promos at the event as well. So come out and party with Money Man and the other artist at the Evening Muse.

Evening Muse
3227 Davidson Road
Charlotte, NC

Doors open at 6:00 pm
Advance tickets are: $11
Door entry w/out ticket: $13

The Studio Post vol.2

Accepting All Cards

If you are ever in a rush and can’t stop at the ATM for cash before your next session just come in with your credit/ debit card. We now at Apex Studio accept all major credit cards; from Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. We pay for the processing fee to leave you with no worry about paying extra money for your session.



 Looking for professional sound? Take advantage of the lowest prices in town to get your next or current project sounding professional. Instead of paying by the hour on mastering like other facilities you can get your album or songs mastered by the bulk. Which means that you can save money and focus on what’s important; making music.

Our bulk mastering prices are as follows:

Post Production w/ EQ                   1 – 6 Songs Signal Processing w/ equalization and compression $300.00
Post Production w/ EQ                 7 – 12 Songs Signal Processing w/ equalization and compression $400.00
Post Production w/ EQ               13 – 16 Songs Signal Processing w/ equalization and compression $500.00
Post Production w/ EQ               17 – 20 Songs Signal Processing w/ equalization and compression $600.00

If you just need your material to be leveled out, re-sequence, space adjusted, and fade to black; then we can save you money on that as well too.

Post Production Tune-Up                  1 – 6 Songs Adjust spacing and clean up gaps, fade to black between tracks. Re-sequence, and normalize levels $100.00
Post Production Tune-Up                  7 – 16 Songs Adjust spacing and clean up gaps, fade to black between tracks. Re-sequence, and normalize levels $200.00
Post Production Tune-Up                  17 – 20 Songs Adjust spacing and clean up gaps, fade to black between tracks. Re-sequence, and normalize levels $300.00

Going One Step Further

Here at Apex Studio we believe that we are more than just a recording studio and always strive at helping new/ old clients break out and be heard. Either through guidance or knowledge about the music business.

As of recent we have made a YouTube page for Mr. Chrltte, aided “V” in the organization of Label/ Entertainment business “Nu Galaxy Music”, made/ loaded artist music up onto the Itunes music server, assisted the Cheer/ Hip Hop Dance community in remixing their dance songs, and many more.

Our goal is to help and assist in every way possible; that’s what makes us stand out from the rest and achieve more than just a business relationship with our clients.

Live Sessions

We currently have a couple of new live sessions up and available for viewing. Check out Lil Rainbow as she does her thing in the studio and other artist on our website or on our YouTube page. Always remember to leave feed back; the artist love to hear what the viewers are thinking. Weather its about something they need to improve on or a comment in general.

Also we have made a change to our news page; we added the cooliris widget. It will alloy you to view all past and recent live sessions in one current view with a floating dock.

System Drive

Just like last year we are in the process of cleaning off our hard drives again and making space for new projects and audio sessions. If we have worked on any audio or graphic design material for you in the year of 2010. Contact us to get a master disc. We will be cleaning off our hard drives the beginning of Feb 2011.


Online Distribution

If you are getting tired of trying to figure out how to get your music in the Intunes music store and other major retailers online; then look no further.

Right now we are charging $100 to get your music into the Itunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, Thumplay, MySpace, Emusic and other major online music retailers. We set up your account and do all the leg work for you. All you have to do is supply us with your audio material, brief bio Album/EP, song info, and etc. Once we get your account established and created you can make changes or add music later down the line.

• Most recent music we have distributed to iTunes has gone live within 24 hours, however it may take up to 3 days.

• About 4 weeks for eMusic and IMVU.

• About 6-8 weeks for Amazon on Demand, Spotify and MediaNet.

• About 1 week or less for all other stores. Please note that the time frames given above are just averages – we cannot guarantee when each store will make your music live.

Studio Tips 101

1. The Better The Source, The Better The Recording

Think of your microphone as your ear. If something sounds bad to your ear, chances are it won’t sound great in front of a microphone. Making sure your source is the best it can be is the first thing to remember whenever starting a new project. That could mean a new set of strings, fresh drum heads, or having your vocalist do warm-ups before tracking. And, no matter what, everybody should tune before a take. 

2. Save Your Work Often

Nothing is worse than losing something you worked for hours on, especially when you’re running your studio as a business and you have a paying client. Always save your work between takes. It also doesn’t hurt to have an external hard drive that you backup your sessions to nightly; if something happens to your hard drive, you’ll at least have a copy to start over from.

3. Always Keep Spare Parts

Keeping basic items at your studio will always help keep things going smoothly when the inevitable happens. Stock a set of guitar strings (both electric and acoustic), some drum sticks, and always keep spare instrument and microphone cables on hand. You never know when your session will be saved because you came to the rescue!

4. Nothing Leaves Until The Check Clears

This tip applies only to the home studios that record for profit, not your simple project studio, but it deserves a mention of it’s own. Don’t ever, ever let any mixes leave your studio until you’re paid in full. This includes mp3 copies you send out via email, and CD-Rs you let leave your studio with rough mixes. At any point during the recording process, a financial dispute of some sort may arise, and they’ve still got a rough mix. This is rare, but it happens.

Remember, anything you let leave your studio, you can never get back.  Just ask any of the number of engineers who’ve gotten burned by non-paying clients!

5. Keep It Simple

One of the biggest and most common mistakes a new recording engineer can make is being too fancy. You’ll waste a lot of time — and your client’s money, if working for profit — by overdoing it in the studio. Examples of this include recording an instrument in stereo when a mono (single) track will do, doing too many vocal overdubs, or laying down too many guitar layers. Let the band’s music speak for itself.